Fóthor Ltd.

Fóthor Ltd. is a family business established in 2007. At first, the company profile included construction engineering, responsible technical supervision, arrangement and technical monitoring. Later, we started to deploy solar SSEG (Small-scale Embedded Generation) power plants for private and enterprise customers in partnership with ELMŰ’s (Hungary’s central electricity services’) subsidiary company, enHOME. We meet all the neccessary material (depot, custom scaling tools) and personal conditions (engineers, electricians with all the required certificates, roofers). Recently, we have also widened our profile with the distribution of aluminium tracks (mainly 40cm x 40 cm). In the present days, we are planning to diverisify our distributional portfolio.

Our Services


Architectural engineering arrangement, legal technical controlling, technical monitoring, electronic construction logging.


SSEG solar cell demand recovery and design.


Up to 50 kW, complete arrangemnet and execution.


Electrical safety compliance inspection with calibrated instruments, and provided certificates.


Distribution of aluminium tracks for solar cell deployment.


Solar cell References

Bulding references

Olimpia Park Central Sqare

Millennium Tower Office Building

Csömör, Apartment house, Technical monitoring

Kőszeg, Tesco, Construction lead

Aluminium track references

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